PCC GED Promise Scholarship

Pima GED Promise Scholarship – Awarded to Pima County residents that have recently completed their GED, between 7/1/16 and 6/30/19. Eligible applicants must have completed their GED with an average test score of 145 or higher. Applicants do not need to be a resident of Pima County, however Pima County residents are given preference. Applicants must not have already received another tuition waiver or similar form of aid. Students must be enrolled at PCC for the Spring 2019 semester. Applicants must have submitted the 2018/2019 FAFSA to PCC by the application deadline, and be Pell grant eligible. Applicants must have earned fewer 15 college credits by the end of the end of the Fall 2018 semester.

Application Deadline: 03/01/2019

Scholarship Covers:
• Up to three consecutive semesters in one academic year; ex: Spring, Summer, Fall
• Up to 15 credits In-State General Tuition & Fees per semester (Semester processing, technology, and student service fees only; course fees not covered); limit 30 credits in an academic year.

To Be Eligible:

• Completed GED within past 36 months
• Completed Pima Community College Admissions (MyPima username required)
• Apply for Scholarship through MyPima student account
o Complete scholarship general application
o Complete PCC GED Promise application, including essay
o Submit GED verification form (Counselor’s signature)
o Meet with PCC academic advisor for one academic advising session

To maintain eligibility, students must:
• Maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA, reviewed at the end of every semester
• Maintain active enrollment and attendance at PCC for the duration of the scholarship.
• Meet with academic advisor at least once per semester
• Adhere to PCC student Code of Conduct.

This is a tuition waiver program, and as such, the scholarship amount is non-refundable. Certain fees and books are not included.

Application Deadline: 03/01/2019

Two Tuition-Free* Semesters at Pima Community College (Click for More Details)
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you successfully completed your GED within the past 36 months?
  2. When did you complete your GED?
  3. What are your educational and career goals, and how will this scholarship help you achieve them?
  4. I authorized Pima Community College (PCC) to access my personal GED information in the GED database.
  5. Have you submitted a financial aid application (FAFSA) to PCC for the 2018/2019 aid year?